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Experience the dreamy, psychedelic sounds of HNRY FLWR's Visions of the Daytime Moon on this limited edition clear, handmade, lathe cut 12" vinyl LP. With its mono 33 1/3 RPM format, this vinyl is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the band's mesmerizing music. Five years in the making, each track is a journey into The Infinite Void and back. Don't miss your chance to own this beautifully crafted piece of art and music. 






1. The Mystery

2. And You're Beginning to Feel

3. Cathedral of the Pines

4. Don't Be Upset

5. Moment of Trust


6. Hymn #16: Beautiful Void

7. Diving Deeper

8. No Harm

9. Something from Nothing

10. The Bliss




All songs written by HNRY FLWR

"Something from Nothing" Co-written with Mattie Safer

"Cathedral of the Pines" co-written by Dallin Stevenson

"Hymn No.16: Beautiful Void" co-written by Melanie Drew Chambers

"No Harm" co-written by Ronnie Lanzilotta

Produced by HNRY FLWR & Sam Cohen

Additional engineering by Robbie Chemical

Mixed by Sam Cohen and David Van Witt

Mastered by Carl Saff

Cover art by Melanie Chambers

Photography by Tim Race


Recorded at Slow Fawn, Gary’s Electric, and La Fam Recordings


David Van Witt - vocals, guitars, synthesizer, samplers

Abdon Valdez - drums, percussion

Mattie Safer - bass, background vocals

Melanie Chambers - piano, synthesizer, background vocals, choir arrangement

Rosie Slater - congas, percussion 

Sam Cohen - guitars, keys, drums, bass

Walter Fancourt - saxophone, flute, bass clarinet

Ronnie Lanzilotta - bass, synthesizer

Jared Samuel - guitars, Mellotron  

Connor Grant - guitars


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Visions of the Daytime Moon 12" Vinyl

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