Created by HNRY FLWR for your non-religious spiritual needs. Light this secular spiritual candle and open portals to the great beyond, explore lands of the vast forgetting, dance along the endless prairie, feel the ecstasy and pain of the nonstop expansion of nothingness, and stare into the flame upon the blackness and reflect on pure emptiness.


The Candle of the Void™ is used by people with jobs, people without jobs, for friends, family, and complete strangers wandering the netherworld, completely alone. The Candle of the Void™ can help you navigate the ever expanding universe and the non-matter within it. Everyday people, everywhere, can enjoy the wonders of nowhere.

Purchase now and we’ll include a free instructional booklet, written by HNRY FLWR himself, with a personalized handwritten ‘thank you’ note. And if that was not enough, HNRY FLWR has included an onyx pendant with all Candle of the Void orders*.

The Candle of the Void™ is a perfect gift. Nothing is sweeter than a scented secular prayer candle that represents the power of The Void. This is a risk free offer, so this year, give the gift of nothingness. And who knows, maybe you’ll be one of the lucky few who receives an enchanted Onyx pendant-- Shipped with each candle*. Click the button now.

*while supplies last*

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