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Candle of the Void Meditation Vol. 1 is an hour-long ambient composition set to a serene video of the Candle of the Void burning in a magical trans-inducing setting.


Last year, HNRY FLWR created a prayer candle called the Candle of the Void for your non-religious spiritual needs. HNRY FLWR then invited the fellow Brooklyn-based artist Rafting to collaboratively compose an hour long ambient piece to accompany the candle. They lit the secular spiritual candle to open portals to the great beyond and let the music come to them spontaneously over the course of a few hours. The resulting composition is titled Void Meditation Vol. 1. 


The ambient visual component of the VHS was directed by HNRY FLWR & Human Mel.


Buy the VHS and get a free Candle of the Void included in your purchase. Enjoy the vast emptiness of the void in your own home.

VHS - Candle of the Void Meditation Vol. 1

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