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"Intoxicating, hazy music that lifts you off the ground and transports you to another era."  

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"Melodic, danceable, and devastating”

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Born into a cult in Iowa, HNRY FLWR grew up meditating and moving around the world with a psychic mother who claims to remember being born. And there is something strangely meditative about the lyrical dream pop he creates with his evolving band in Brooklyn, NY. With a tour in support of TEEN in the U.S. and Canada (2018), The New York Times calling them a “buzzy” band during Color Me Bushwick Festival (2018), and 40+ North American shows in 2017, it’s no surprise they were added to Deli Magazine’s Best Emerging NYC Psych playlist.


The world is an increasingly complex place and HNRY FLWR has had a stand out year despite the project’s own complex nature. Their “brilliant” (GoldFlakePaint) debut EP, FLOWERAMA, was released in the summer of 2017 on Paper Garden Records and quickly went viral on Spotify with over 500,000 streams. The “melodic, danceable, and devastating” (Alt Citizen) EP was produced by David Groener Jr, (who has worked with The National, Jonsi, +more).  The project centers around David Van Witt, who is constantly searching for the right questions to ask using sweeping 80’s synths, jangle-psych guitars, old drum machines and his melancholy baritone yearning and crooning throughout. But Van Witt knows the power of collaboration as the band has evolved and transformed with 15 different members— including members of Foxygen, A Place to Bury Strangers, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, and Anna Wise. 


Now with his strongest lineup yet, HNRY FLWR has recorded his furthest reaching set of songs. Recording at his home studio in Brooklyn, and a 100 year-old house farm house-- expect a release in 2020.




out now on Paper Garden Records 


1. Stranger (When I’m Done)

2. As Above, So Below

3. Little Brother

4. Down, in Carolina

5. Context (live) 



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For more information on HNRY FLWR, contact:

Thomas Lescovich | 727.301.0581 | Queen of the Scene


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