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Visions of the Daytime Moon LP 
(Groover Obsessions)
Release date: 12.1.23


HNRY FLWR is the cult rock alter-ego of David Van Witt, who derives inspiration from his peculiar upbringing. Born in Belgium and raised in a meditation community in Iowa, Van Witt spent his childhood moving around the US with his single, clairvoyant mother who remembers her own birth. FLWR and his musical collective interpret these childhood memories through a spiritual, dreamlike lens for their debut album, VISIONS OF THE DAYTIME MOON. Listen here


During the album’s 6-year writing process, FLWR incorporated meditation, drone music, hypnosis, improvisation, and other eclectic techniques to produce an indie rock record that is as imaginative as it is classic. In it, FLWR ponders the mysteries of life in poetic croons over a bed of psychedelic flutes, soulful piano, 70s guitars, bouncing congas, gospel choirs, new age beats, and innovative production.


With his 7-piece band, HNRY FLWR proselytizes his imagined religion, praising the Infinite Void and building a cult-like following with electric, church-like live performances.


HNRY FLWR’s band is an iconic NYC entity, gathering over 30 players on their roster throughout their six-year album process. Musicians on their upcoming album and seven preceding singles include co-producer Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Dangermouse, Sharon Van Etten), Jared Samuel (!!!, The Shins, Aldous Harding), Mattie Safer (The Rapture, Poolside), Rosie Slater (Darlene Love, Delicate Steve), Connor Grant (GOASTT), and Walter Fancourt (Yeasayer, Super Yamba Band).



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